Cases in which he played a role include (but are not limited to):

Andersen v North Shore Police [High Court; grounds for bail for reckless driving causing death, reckless driving causing injury, and driving whilst disqualified];

Andrews Property Services Ltd v Hampton Court apartment block, 182 Federal Street, Auckland, Body Corporate 161334 [High Court; breach of contract for services];

Chalmers v Police [District Court, Auckland, CRN08004018877-78; admissibility of the evidential breath test result on a charge of driving with excess breath alcohol]

Cintra Court Ltd v Detman [2002] DCR 672 [District Court; negligent assurance];

CityCorp Finance Ltd; Crosby v Taylor [High Court, CIV 2007-404-7991; use of protected company name];

Dillon v Roughan [High Court CP 404/407/99; solicitors professional negligence];

Erwood v Harley [2008] NZCA 572 [proposed appeal from CA5/04; bases for appeal from the Court of Appeal decision];

Foster v Kingsview Property Ltd [District Court Auckland 0190/99; misrepresentation prior to sale from plans of apartment complex];

Howard v Howard-Lawson [English High Court, Chancery Division, [2011] EWHC 63 (Ch), claim number HC09C02082 (Proudman J); names and arms clause, estate claim]; [Court of Appeal, Civil Division, [2012] EWCA Civ 6, A3/2011/0317, judgment delivered 19th January 2012, per Arden, Black, Kitchhin LJJ]

Pedersen v Auckland Marine Centre Ltd [1999] DCR 1003 [District Court; responsibilities of a bailee];

Powell v Police [District Court; defences to s 52 of the Land Transport Act 1998 (… “fail[ure] or refus[al] to comply with any lawful … request … by an enforcement officer …”)];

Presnell v Lumley General (NZ) Ltd [CIV 2003-004-336 High Court; evidence required to prove intoxication];

Riches v Riverhills Daycare Centre Ltd [High Court; breach of contract to buy a business];

Schubert v Schubert [2001] 1 NZLR 76, (2000) 19 FRNZ 652, [2000] NZFLR 1077 [pre-nuptial agreement and Matrimonial Property Agreement, and position of assets upon the striking off of a company];

Suh v North Shore Disputes Tribunal (2005) 17 PRNZ 732 [inconsistency between the evidence presented to the Disputes Tribunal and the pleadings and the judgement given, remitting a Disputes Tribunal case to the District Court];

Sullivan v Gordon [CIV 2003-044-2063 High Court; barring action in the Disputes Tribunal];

Walsh v Driver Projects Ltd [High Court; waiver of a condition of a contract];

Wasan International Co Ltd v Lee & Ors [Associate Judge Faire, High Court, Auckland, CIV-2003-404-004113, 19th May 2006; no contact and non-association orders in civil actions];

Webb v Rodney District Council [High Court; negligence in the issuing of an inaccurate Land Information Memorandum];

Williams v Police [High Court; grounds for an application for a mistrial in a criminal trial (disclosure of prior conviction)]